Gamaliel Rodríguez in collaboration with Pedro Velez

Misremember is based on the odd use of the verb by baseball player Roger Clemens when asked, during his deposition before Congress, about his longtime friend and teammate Andy Pettitte, who claimed the pitcher told him about using Human Growth Hormone in 1999 or 2000.

"I think he misremembers our conversation," said Clemens.

Using this quote as source material, I will produce a series of posters, sculptures and actions to make connections between governmental corruption, loyalty, morality, sports and journalism.


Posters: The posters will incorporate diverse images juxtaposed to cryptic text, including names and terms like: "DIRT,” “DIAMOND,” “Kenneth Lay," "UR FAULT," "BONDS," “Hillary Clinton,” “CRITZEN.”

Sound: A working painted boombox, in bright red and with the word “NEWSVENDOR” scrawled on top, will play the local news station for the duration of the exhibition. The curator will be responsible of placing the sculpture wherever he/she thinks appropriate. It is encouraged to leave the sculpture outdoors, as a gift or offering, to whoever wants to steal it.

Blog: I will also produce a blog modeled after sites like, that serves as an extension of the pseudo journalist narrative of the posters.


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