The idea for this project is to create an anthology of blueprints of the self, based on a collection of memories, desires, experiences, and physical and emotional connections associated with life.  The physical nature of the project will be twofold; firstly, I will hand out small pamphlets with outlined drawings of 11 systems of the human body.  Each page will include instructions for what exactly the participant is to record/realize about him/herself, by adding lines into the existing drawings, and in essence personalizing their physical diagrams.  These takeaways will therefore be as intimate or vague as the participant desires.  Secondly, in order to capture a record of the event and to get a sample idea of how the participants will fill in their personal copies, a few large scale outline diagrams of the body will be available for on-site interaction.  These diagrams will remain in my possession after the project has ended.  

These are rough ideas of the issues I will be assigning to each physical system:

1.  Skeletal – (helps give your body structure) Record memories and recollections of events from your childhood.

2.  Digestive – (deals with the intake of nutrients and their effect on how the body performs as a result) A realization of some of your strongest influences (events, friends, mentors etc)

3.  Circulatory – (the recycling transport of blood throughout the body, which makes frequent stops) List places you have traveled, or intend to travel (both literal physical locations as well as mental hideaways). 

4.  Nervous - (deals with the coordination of feeling and function) Construct a network of your collected dreams.

5.  Reproductive – (deals with the ability to create other human beings) Describe relationships with people, family, significant others, pets, friends.

6.  Respiratory – (deals with the intake of something vital, and the expulsion of an unneeded substance) List items you have purchased in the past include the cost of each, and the amount of packaging and waste it created as a result of its packaging.

7.  Endocrine – (has to deal with hormones associated with growth, mood, physical development etc) List jobs and associated tasks endured with each.



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