Since February 2007, I have been soliciting stories from the general public, both through material invitations and an ongoing on-line call, about objects that are lost, missing, or otherwise no longer in our possession for a primarily web-based exhibition of virtual memorials. What began as an effort to express some of the guilt felt after my grandfather died, several years after getting rid of a briefcase he'd given to me as a gift, has grown into a more collective effort. I became interested in the irrational affection we feel towards inanimate objects as well as the narrative and meaning that get attached to these otherwise mundane things over time. I render these objects ephemeral through the collected stories.

Inspired by the "lost and found" segment of newspaper classifieds, I have created a poster based on this format that showcases a sampling of the stories and images I have received in response to the project so far. The same stories will be mapped out according to locations where the lost objects were last seen. Visitors will be encouraged to add their objects' stories to the map, material that I will collect following the events and later incorporate into the collection of virtual memorials hosted on the project's web site.



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