These broadsides are an attempt to examine the quintessential ideology of the American Dream. Love. Money. And, children—to pass them along to. My intent is to examine why the gay and lesbian community in America is not easily able to pursue this basic right-- one that most Americans take for granted.

I would like to pose questions surrounding this issue, while showing that the basic right of inclusion and the ability to carry out desired qualities of life should not be judged on the basis of a person’s sexuality and coupling preference.

Why is it not possible for a gay and lesbian couple to be legally married if they are in love? Can love really be homophobic? How can such a broad term as “love” be described as heterosexual?

If a gay person’s money is the same as a straight person’s money, why aren't there more advertisements including the gay community?

If a capable, gay or lesbian couple would like to raise a family, why are they not allowed to adopt a child?

Where do homophobic stigmas come from?

As a person who is close to the gay community, I have found these questions become important to our understanding of society and how we define who, what and how our society is defined. What message do we as a country want to send to the world? How can we claim to be a country that advocates freedom for all, when we don't fully advocate that ideology on our own.


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