“Sunnyville (MA)” recreates the classroom situation under No Child Left Behind using the guise of a live-action children's show. In each twenty-minute episode (four in all), viewers of Sunnyville will follow (and participate in) the exploits of host Terrance as he solves the Problem of the Day. A "Mail Call!" interlude in each episode will showcase the artwork of children from a local after-school program.

Creative time, an important part of child development, has been severely impacted by No Child Left Behind and its requirements that emphasize "core" academic skills. Often, students spend as much or more time learning test-taking skills as acquiring real knowledge. Not only are the arts affected, but science, social studies, and physical education are being downplayed as well. Despite the name, children do get left behind-- not only those who fail to achieve regularly on NCLB's standardized tests. The very essence of childhood is slowly being drained from our schools.


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