The foundation of the Americas since its colonial discovery has been one of miscegenation. This mixture has been extended and professed through syncretism, race, ideologies, cultures, and identity. Through the “Carnavais” , Mardi Gras,  or Carnevale Old world traditions serve as a liberal detachment of identity through masks, and characters of that particular culture. At the same time, it also re affirms its cultural identity by expressing its hybridity of cultures (ex. French and Afro traditions in Mardi Gras, Mayan/Aztec and Spanish Religious processions in Mexico).  Through the detachment of the self and the assumption of individuality as a community, carnival serves to unite the differences. It serves as a rebirth of identity.

As part of Event Horizon, I intend to the create a work that unifies cultural diversity in Union and Davis Square. Both locations are surrounded by various immigrant communities and cultures.

I intend to use prints, pamphlets, chapbooks and poetry as a sharing of cultural diaspora. The characters, images and prints will serve as a procession of hyridity, drawing inspiration from Carnival.



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