Connect-the-Dots (Dead Pigeon)

Traditional education, implied largely to the operating or instrumental conditioning theory, distinguishes an instruction that bears in mind a stimuli that tries to receive specific response from the subjects, in this case, from the children.

Through experimental exercises, for example the connection of dots to create an image, a specific reference is given in order to have reinforced consequences; it is important to be kept in the line. This vague activity has as a main but hidden goal, for every child to develop no creativity and individuality wile teaching them to follow instructions.

Usually, when children are given an activity like this with a specific icon, for example a flower, next time they are asked to draw one, it is highly possible for them to draw a similar flower.

Connect-the-Dots (Dead Pigeon) can be laser printed in any 8 x 10 (8.5 x 11) paper, no less than a hundred copies and is intended for people to take it with them.



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