“Event Horizon” is a public art project that seeks to create a site for inquiry into the nature of current events and history through the use of print media, performance, and individual interpretation.

Artists within “Event Horizon” interpret and re-present topics, headlines, graphics, and text found in widely circulated newspapers, broadsides, and fliers to produce creative, critical, and poetic interplays in the form of printed posters and broadsides. The reader’s ability to translate and creatively respond to “popular” issues will underscore a story or subject’s meaning, thereby exposing “the style” of interpretation as a determinant element of how events or topics are individually understood and communicated to a larger public.

Traditionally hung in public places to announce news and events to the public, broadsides locate information within a locality of interest, while creating a visual tableau, indexing issues within a splayed format. Physically unbound, the broadside references the loose sheets of a newspaper, with large type and simple script, easily read by the passerby, to be papered and hung on poles, store windows, buildings, and folding displays.

Using print media as a means to create a backdrop for the projection of ideas and opinions, “Event Horizon” re-contextualizes current events within a staged setting of signage and performative happenings. By situating themselves within a public place, calling and handing out their print media, participating artists will be inadvertently quoting other historical and contemporary performance traditions, including: town-crier, soap-boxer, street performer, mystic, publicist, recruiter and activist. The public is invited to engage notions of the “newsworthy” through absurdist, practical, educational, comic, mundane, and dramatic presentations of topical material.

-Curated and Produced by Jennifer Schmidt



Erika Adams (Boston, MA), Razan Alazzouni (Boston, MA), Chad Arnholt (Boston, MA), Elaine Bay (Boston, MA), Janine Biunno (Boston, MA), Rob Erickson (Brooklyn, NY), Noah Fischer (Brooklyn, NY), Melinda Go (Boston, MA), Rebecca Bird Grigsby (Boston, MA), Harvey Loves Harvey (Boston, MA, Brooklyn, NY), Lisa Hecht (Milwaukee, WI), Alysia Kaplan (Chicago, IL), Louise Krampien (Boston, MA), Norma Lopez (Boston, MA), Jessica Marx (Boston, MA), Stefano Pasquini (Bologna, Italy), Rhonda Ratray (Boston, MA), Vinicius Sanchez (Boston, MA), Jennifer Schmidt (Brooklyn, NY), Jessica Scott-Dutcher (Boston, MA), Victoria Shen (Boston, MA), Kirk Snow (Boston, MA), Marcelino Stuhmer (Milwaukee, WI), Pedro Velez (Puerto Rico) with Gamaliel Rodríguez-Ayala (Oslo, Norway), Gabe Ventura (Boston, MA), Stefanie Vermillion (Boston, MA), W&N (Puerto Rico), Marine Wallon (Paris, France), Terrance Wong (Boston, MA), Tina Ye (Boston, MA), Jennifer Yorke (Chicago, IL).


Saturday, April 12th & Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Davis & Union Squares, Somerville, Massachusetts

{ Times on both days }

10am-1pm : Davis Square, Gathering Area

3pm-6pm : Union Square, Gathering Area

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"Event Horizon" printed ephemera will also be on display within the Project Space Gallery at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Located at: 230 The Fenway, Boston MA 02115. Exhibition Dates: April 11 - April 21, 2008



Weekly Dig, Boston

SuccoAcido.net, Italy
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Special thanks to: the Puffin Foundation for providing funding, Greg Jenkins of the Somerville Arts Council, Catherine Tutter of the Artist Resource Center at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Andrew Barco of the Institute for Art and Civic Engagementat at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mindy Nierenberg of the Institute for Art and Civic Engagement at Tisch College, Tufts University, Rebecca Bird Grigsby, and the free daily newspaper peddlers, who ideologically helped to inspire and shape this project-- as an alternative means to engage the public & express individual opinions and points of view using popular media and performance.

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